Parking Verboekhoven (François-Joseph Navezstraat) - Rue François-Joseph Navez, 68 1030 Schaerbeek

  • Reference: P001134
  • Description:
    Parking a car in Schaerbeek has become increasingly difficult... BePark finds you a solution! We opened a parking in François-Joseph Navez street, it is located in the Collignon district and less than 500 meters from the tram stop Verboekhoven. The car park is also close to the Lambermont Boulevard and the Stephenson Street. Price for a monthly subscription: - Nights and weekends (60€). All fees included. Contact us by phone or by mail.
  • Price: 60€ per month
  • Number location: 35
  • Type: Interior parking space
  • Vehicle accepted:
    • car
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    • Stephenson Street
    • François-Joseph Navez street
    • Collignon
    • Schaerbeek
    • Lambermont Boulevard
    • Verboekhoven