Directive on cookies

Consultation of the website involves the collection of personal data by means of cookies or similar technologies.

A. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that may be stored on your computer when you visit websites. This text file stores information such as your choice of language. When you visit the website again at a later date, this cookie is sent back to the website in question. In this way, the website recognises your browser and can remember your choice of language, for example.

Cookies generally also have an expiry date. Some cookies, for example, are automatically deleted when you close your browser (so-called session cookies), while others remain on your computer for longer, sometimes even until you delete them manually (so-called permanent cookies).

B. Why do we use cookies?

The website uses three types of cookies:

  1. essential cookies ;
  2. Functional cookies ;
  3. cookies for analytical purposes. uses Google Analytics for analytical purposes. This analysis tool installs cookies that we use to quantify visits (traffic) to the website. In particular, this enables us to see how many times a given page has been read. We only use this information to improve the content of our website or as a basis for a new campaign on a certain subject that generates a lot of interest. The use of these cookies for analysis purposes is subject to your prior consent. You can therefore refuse to have these cookies installed on your device.

  1. List of essential cookies

These cookies are required for purely technical reasons in order to use the website. Given the technical necessity, only an obligation to inform applies and these cookies are placed as soon as you access the website.

viewed_cookie_policy1 yearParking.beallows the website to know whether or not the user has accepted cookies
wordpress_test_cookie1 secParking.beChecks that cookies are working correctly
  1. List of functional cookies

You cannot refuse these cookies if you wish to browse the website, but they are only placed once you have made a choice regarding the placement of cookies.

googtrans1 yearParking.beFor the list of languages available on the site
woocommerce_items_in_cart2 daysParking.beTo find out which products have been added to your basket
wp_woocommerce_session  7 daysParking.beAllows users to remain identified on the site without having to log in again each time
  1. List of analytical cookies

You can refuse cookies below if you wish to browse the website.

_ga2 yearsGoogle AnalyticsDistinguishing between users
_gat_gtag1 dayGoogle AnalyticsTo get an overview of visitors to the mobile site
_gid2 daysGoogle AnalyticsUsed to reduce the number of requests

C. How to see the cookies installed on my device and how to delete them ?

If you want to know which cookies are installed on your device or if you want to delete them, you can use the relevant settings on your browser or send us an email to this effect to info(at)

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